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Developed by Italian teak specialists, GREENTEAK® Superfineteak Decking is a totally new concept in teak decking. From FSC logs. 
GREENTEAK® Superfineteak Decking arose from a desire to minimise the felling of trees and maximise the productive use of all timber felled. Thanks to Italian design ingenuity the end result is a product with physical properties for strength and hardness that are superior to conventional solid teak. In addition, the production method enables a consistency of colour and uniformity of grain that it is not possible to guarantee with traditional teak.



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Milano, Febbraio 2009

Sensibili alla crescente richiesta di prodotti di altissima qualità, e vista la scarsità di legname con tali caratteristiche sul mercato, abbiamo brevettato e depositato il prodotto GREENTEAK®SUPERFINE LINE DECKING.



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